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1. Simplify  your  backoffice  with   jusbill Take the hassle out of your back office management 2. What  is  jusbill ã  Jusbill is a simple cloud application…
  • 1. Simplify  your  backoffice  with   jusbill Take the hassle out of your back office management
  • 2. What  is  jusbill •  Jusbill is a simple cloud application to•  Manage orders•  Generate invoices Jusbill super•  Track payables and simplified my receivables back office operations | @jusbillit
  • 3. Businesses  use  Jusbill  to •  Generate Sales and •  Generate Purchase Purchase Invoices and Sales Orders•  Generate Receipts and •  Track cash flows and payments fund flows•  Schedule & Allocate •  Send emails and payments to invoices remindersWith jusbill, my backoffice gets managed on | @jusbillit
  • 4. Jusbill  helps  businesses •  Bill faster & get paid faster a)  Reduces data entry,•  Carry out multi-location reduces errors billing & invoicing•  Manage regulations & b)  Tells me when, whom and how much taxes of due payments•  Connect with suppliers & vendors c)  Send reminders•  Manage cash flows automatically•  Automate all d)  Integrates with my backoffice operations accounting | @jusbillit
  • 5. Jusbill  Add  ons •  Jusbill Desk is the installable desktop application to generate Multi  Currency invoices when no internet • Multiple  currency •  Jusbill Tally Adaptor posts the transactions into Tally at the click of Payment   a button gateway •  Jusbill Importer imports customers • Collect  payments   online and suppliers from your accounting app / excel into jusbill Daily  backups • Best  business   continuity | @jusbillit
  • 6. Its  supereasy  to  get  started •  Take a trial o  Your first 50 bills are free o  Move into paid Jusbill  among   top  10  •  Implementation & products  at   Support Unpluggd o  If you want us to train you on the best ways to use jusbill HoIest  Indian  •  Get a customized Startup  by   Sequoia   solution Capital  event o  Tailored exactly to your needs | @jusbillit
  • 7. Get  Jusbill Visit us: Check out jusbill videos on Tube Follow us on Twitter+91 9311117030 @jusbillit You are less than 10 minutes away from a hassle free back office; signup now | @jusbillit
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