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Laporan Perinatalogi Bulan Juni 2017



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  BULAN JUNI 2017 No NamaNo. RMKabupa! K!#amaa Sau$ Ta %%a&P!mba'a(a Ma$u) 1.By. Ratu Aulia R.17011397JakartaUmum02/06/16Pusat2.By. Ny. Trisdiana1701160! BARAR#$%Umum0&/06/173.By. Ny. #i' (uayatun1701179! BARPan)kalanUmum10/06/17%ada. By. Ny. *+nny (isna,a'17011-07Palan)ka RayaJ+kan RayaUmum12/06/17By. Ny. #i' Alim Nin)si1701160$(A!!$%NUmum22/06/17 TOTALP!($! a$!  LAPORAN JUMLAH PASIEN INSTALASI PERINATALOGRUMAH SAKIT CITRA HUSADA PANGKALAN BUN Ta %%a&P!ma aua Ha(* Ra+aK!&ua(S*$a Bu&a 12,-/71011121,1-11/171120La&u 02/06/17109/06/171112/06/1711113/06/171123/06/170100000111120000000000000000000000000000   I  Jm& Ha(*Toa&Do)!(DPJPDPJP21222,2-22/2722,0,1Ra+aHa(*a %UmumRABERBu&a * *Ra+aM!(a+a 1dr. *indy2dr. *indy3dr. *indy2dr. *indy112dr. *indydr. Binsar0110000000010100000000000000Pan)kalan Bun 30 Juni 2017!+4ala Ruan) P+rinatalo)iNs. Ranita Juliastu' #.!+41-.0-.2.17-  Ko 3*$*A&a$a B*&a M! * %%a&A&a$a K!&ua(APSApa)a4 5-Ru6u)P!(* aa&o%*6am a8T*3a)9 RABUNRABUNB%P%RABUNRABUN 
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